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Ferrotype Portrait by Asa Gilmore

Ferrotype Portrait by Asa Gilmore

Hello and welcome! I am thrilled you are here. This is where we start! I believe that my photography is a by product of who I am as a person so here is my honest and humble 'about me'! 

I am an artist, a maker, and an explorer. I am a learner and a person of endeavor. I seek positivity and surround myself with those who spread it. I invite opportunity with open arms and I am always eager to find new hobbies and passions. My recently discovered hobbies include woodworking, leather craft, and fitness. World travel is my passion, and I am most happy while wandering lost amongst foreign cities.

I am a visualizer and emotive story teller. I chase moments that will be memories, and save moments that would otherwise be missed. I find myself admiring light when entering new rooms, and daydreaming of ways to capture it. I challenge myself daily to explore deeper in the photography world. I am in love with analog photography; film and large format photography are fascinating! They have brought me unteachable respect for the properties of light.

My style is a byproduct of what I personally value most visually. It is a collection of my favorite instances of light and shadow. My shooting style is emotionally driven, moody, and story focused. My color palettes typically involve a focus on golden light + earthy washes. I believe there is beauty to simplicity. I'm deeply grateful that we found our way to each other and I look forward to capturing your important life moments. 


"It started with his very first photo, made by hand, right down to the camera he built himself. This handmade approach is what allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the art, freeing him to be fully present outside his viewfinder. While other photographers are trying to capture how things look, Calvin captures how moments feel.

In the process of recording the tales of others, he’s crafting his own. His tools: a fascination for light and an intense curiosity for the unknown. They’ve cultivated one of the more gripping styles in wedding photography today – and the industry is taking notice. Calvin’s work has commanded the attention of prestigious publications such as Junebug Weddings, Tahoe Unveiled, and Looks Like Film.

More importantly, Calvin’s style and eagerness to collaborate continue to dazzle his brides. Somewhere in between the complex earth tones and somber shadows, he finds space for light to come pouring in, bringing out the radiance in each of his subjects. But even he knows light is just half the story. The rest, as he says, is emotion.

That eye for the dramatic stays with him wherever he goes. Whether for work or leisure, Calvin’s world travels are never without a camera by his side. By combining his two greatest passions, travel and storytelling, Calvin is taking his brides and grooms into new and exciting territories- figuratively and literally.

Above it all, Calvin thrives on positivity. He’ll tell you that his favorite part of the job is being with people on the happiest days of their lives. He loves chasing the big moments, elevating the little ones, and turning every precious second of your big day into a keepsake for life."

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