This wedding was perfect. I walked into this adventure with absolutely no idea how my life was about to change. Adam and Ania, your friends & your family, you truly have something special going on. I am still in disbelief with the love and energy that comes with knowing who you are. I trust that we will be in each others lives forever. Telling your story was the wildest, most awe-inspiring, thrilling, most beautiful destination wedding I could even have imagined. I'll treasure this journey forever; here's how I saw it: 

Location: Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Dress: Made by the Bride herself

Florals: Susana Vazquez Neyra

Hair and Makeup: Elaine Malina / Kimberly Ashford

Cake:  Linda Stampfli

Coordinator: Gissell Leon

Music: Sariela Camargo

Catering and Rentals: Mavallee