Rueckl Wedding in Kirkwood, California


The "One-In-A-Million" wedding: 

Joey and Kathy are truly two people who I will never let escape my memory. From the very first second we met, I could tell that I was in for a absolutely unique adventure! Or two! We first traveled to the Black Rock Desert, home of the famous Burning Man event, to capture their engagement photos in the most special place we could imagine. We danced, and laughed, and took some truly breathtaking photos. That evening, we spent our time laying down staring at the stars and talking until the early morning. I got to know them, and learn who they are as people and as a couple. I feel like I was able to tell their wedding story so much better after this. 

The wedding day was bright and notably contrasty. There was a calmness that seemed to float around the cabins and trees that let me slow down and capture all of the little things! The first look was magical and heavy on the emotions! Every element of the day had such a beautiful and unique character, it really was so awesome to capture. I'm thrilled to have met  you Joey and Kathy & I loved telling your story. 


Venue: The Hideout

Dress: Blue Garter

Florals: Shelby Welshaw

Hair: Emma Furth

Makeup: Jenae Pino

Coordinator: Liane McCombs

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