The Welcoming of Baby Asher

June 14, 2017  •  2 Comments


Where do I even begin? I had the opprotunity to photograph every step of the way with the Zink family as they brought a brand new baby, Asher, into our world. Late 2016, I was asked to shoot their family for the first time. We planned for a hot chocolate picnic at sunset on the beach of beautiful Lake Tahoe! Ayla, their cute little daughter, proudly sipped hot chocolate out of her new "Sister" mug for the first time.  She knew she was going to be a big sister even before mom knew. These photos were for the announcement of a soon to be addition to the family and I couldn't have been more excited to capture the moments along the way. As the delivery day crept nearer, plans on telling the story were already underway! Within two weeks time, we had preserved Amanda's last days carrying Asher, welcoming him into the world, introducing him to his big sis, and lastly their very first shoot as an entire family right in Ashers new room. I'll let the photos tell the rest...


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Ashley Kottke(non-registered)
Your work is so beautiful and I would love to have you as my photographer one day. You caption the most breathtaking moments and I never want the pictures to end!! So incredibly beautiful. Perfection.
Jen Calabrese(non-registered)
You do amazing work!!! And with Amanda's beautiful family its easy to do!!!!
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